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There are A LOT of extensive articles out there on link building. But nobody seems to really care about new websites without any backlink and assume that you’re already up and running with building links. But, as with most things in life, starting is the hardest part. So it is with link building.

Most tactics you can find online require a certain level of maturity of your website and content. So where do you start building links for your brand new website nobody has ever linked to? Well, you should aim for some low-hanging fruit to get you out of the Google Sandbox. In this quick tip, I’ve listed some places where you can get a link to your site relatively easy:

Your First Backlinks: Directories

While directories won’t have that much of an effect on SEO directly, it’s still a backlink and if you’re listed in the right directories, it might help you build trust and authority indirectly. Which, directly, help your SEO ;).

Below I’ve listed some directories where you can submit your website for free, without having to place a reciprocal link. You have to check them out personally to see if they suit you, but it’s a good start:

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Second Place For Your First Backlinks: Social Media

Talking about low-hanging fruit: on most social media platforms you can create a link in your profile. Although Google does not index the links from these sites, they can still give you some extra punch in your ranking game. Social media profiles are especially important when you’re really building a brand. So head over to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Quora to create a profile with your link in.

And even better: actively participate in those communities to get your word out.

Third Place: Your Own Network

Ask your family, friends, friends’ friends, and any local network you participate in if they would link to your website. They don’t have to be 100% relevant, remember, you’re just building your first backlinks. After this it’s time to step up your game:

Next Steps After Building Your First Backlinks

I hope that you’ve built your first backlinks and if you are serious with your link building, you should definitely check out these articles to step up your link building game:

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