The 5 Most Powerful Words to Use

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Let me introduce you the 5 most powerful words you can use in English texts. But before I give them, let’s start with a little exercise. Grab a pen and paper (yes, the old-fashioned way) take a look at your watch and for the next 30 seconds, write down the first things that pop into your mind when you think of the word ‘weekend’.

Done? Alright! What did you write down? Free of work? A soccer match? Going to the movies? Going to a restaurant? Simply doing nothing? Or maybe you thought about drinking some beers or wines with friends?

Now ask someone around to do the exact same thing and compare the words you’ve both written down. Chances are, that the other person came up with totally different words, or better: associations around the word ‘weekend’. This little exercise makes it clear that everyone has completely different interpretations, thoughts, and motivations when thinking about a certain word.

What does this have to do with the 5 most powerful words? A lot! Having that cleared out that everyone has a different way of their minds to work, it seems to be impossible to point out powerful words since everybody interprets them differently. Well, scientific research revealed the 5 most persuasive (or powerful) words in the English language you can use today. And the best part is: because they are so simple and clear that everyone has the same interpretation around these words:

  • NEW
  • FREE
  • YOU

They might seem a bit simple, but don’t underestimate simplicity. Because these words are so clear to anyone, they can be used in all kinds of situations. And then again: it’s based on extensive scientific research.

Save these words in your mind or at least share this tip with your content creator. Troubles to memorize it? The mnemonic is simple: BINFY. Store them and use them the next time you’re creating that awesome content!

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