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When you’re creating content/copy for social media, you have to choose your words very, very carefully. Every day, we all scroll ourselves to eternity across social media platforms to find any form of satisfaction in terms of information. This makes it extremely hard to stand out. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place to learn more about some very cool social media copywriting formulas to scream out your message and don’t get snown under. With these formulas, you grow your chances of reaching your target audience INSTANTLY!

These are my favorite formulas:

  • The BEAUTY Formula
  • The SMART Formula
  • The EMOTIONAL Formula
  • The ROMANTIC Formula

Each formula has a set of ‘ingredients’ that can help you write your copy the right way.

Let’s say that you have something interesting to share about visitor tracking on websites. Let’s see how you can write attractive content that really stands out. I’ve explained the formula followed by and example:

The Beauty Formula

Number + Powerful Word + Question Mark + Spicy Element

14 Reasons To Successfully Track Visitors On Your Website To Grow Your Business TODAY!

The Smart Formula

Number + Science or Quiz

Did You Know That 54% Of Your Visitors Are Within The Plumbing Industry?

The Emotional Formula

Emotional Trigger + Creativity

It hurt me to see that my client simply didn’t know anything about his website visitors.

The Romantic Formula

Event or Story + Emotion

When I started in this industry, I didn’t know that the possibilities of visitor tracking would blow my mind. 

Got the point? Try working with one of these Social Media Copywriting Formulas the next time you’re about to post something! And even better: let me know how it went for you!

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