Improve Quality Score in Google Ads

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Improve Quality Score

Improve Quality Score in Google Ads with these quick but very useful tips!

The Quality Score is a metric Google uses to know if your ad is relevant to the search query and also determines how high your ad will rank. That’s how your cost-per-click is determined as well. It means that Google will have a big favor for ads that are the most relevant for the specific search query. This makes total sense because:

Google’s goal and only goal (besides making gazillions of dollars) is to serve the most relevant content to its users. And if your ad or website is not relevant or relevant enough, you should pay a premium to be found for that search query. In other words: you pay more per click if your ad is less relevant.

On the other hand: if your ad or website is extremely relevant, you get a discount on the CPC. So it makes perfect sense to optimize this metric right? If you can master it, you’ll have this blissful peace of mind knowing your campaigns are giving you the best possible ROI.

How To Improve Quality Score

Here is a short checklist of things you can do to improve your Quality Score in Google Ads:

  • Check your URLs – are they correct and do they lead to working landing pages?
  • Check your site speed – if it’s loading slowly you need to fix it.
  • Identify low-CTR (below 1,5%) ads and re-write them.
  • Make sure to place at least 3 ads with extended text in each ad group.
  • Include top performing keywords in each ad.
  • Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion ads to increase your CTR.

Ranking Factors For Quality Score

When you start optimizing your ads and website, also keep in mind which factors are in play:

  • How relevant keywords are to your ad group
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • The quality of your landing page (eg. does it match with the ad?)
  • The relevance of the text in your ad
  • User experience (such as speed, mobile usability)
  • Your historical performance

Want to learn more about Quality Score and improving it? Read this article.

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