How To Write Converting Content


If you have an intent to write converting content, please take note of this useful tip!

As you might know already, CONTENT IS KING. No matter what copy you’re writing. Unique, high-quality content that is relevant and adds value is priceless. But what if you’re writing content with the goal to let readers convert? Like downloading a white paper, requesting a quote, or initiate a callback. It all comes down to get your content in line with the so-called PAS-framework.

PAS stands for:

  • Problem
  • Agitation
  • Solution

It works as follows, and I use an example for a brand that sells toothpaste:

  1. First, you should layout the specific problem you’re addressing. I’m sure that you know what your target audience is struggling with, so pinpoint that. Addressing the problem is very important. It’s also important to be very specific. For instance: ‘A smelly breath can be horrible’ or, ‘don’t be afraid of your own breath’.
  2. Second, it’s time to make it a bit more painful by agitating your audience. You can do this by describing a real-life situation where they might be facing their problem by highlighting some emotions. Like this: ‘are your colleagues turning off their heads when you start talking to them?’ or ‘are you scaring off the ladies with your breath?’.
  3. Finally, show them your solution to their problem. Explain how you can help them like: ‘XXX Toothpaste; be confident about your breath’. To make your statement even more powerful, you should try to add some social proof.

Got it? Now go ahead and try it! And remember: let us all know about the results by using the comments section below!

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