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Setting up a successful Google Ads campaign is one thing. Maintaining it to keep it performing is something completely different. Also, a much-underestimated activity. A lot of people just set up a campaign, connect their credit card and pray for more visits/sales/leads/calls. Well, sorry to say, but Google Ads maintenance is very important. If you run a small-sized campaign, you can simply log into your Google Ads account on a daily basis and perform some basic checks to see how your campaign(s) perform. But if your budget and campaigns grow over time, it can be a bit of a pain-in-the-ass to do all this hard work manually. That’s why I’ve listed some handy Google Ads Scripts to automate these tasks, without having to sign up for expensive third-party software.

Google offers some scripts to help you with your Google Ads management:

  • Link Checker: gives you an overview of all possible 404 errors in your links of campaigns. Google also detects these automatically, but that can take a while sometimes and you’ve already wasted money on clicks that lead to nowhere.
  • Anomaly detector: check if certain campaigns are underperforming more than usual.
  • Experiment script: tracks the performance of Adwords experiments.
  • 24/7 Bidding: enables bid modifications every hour. A very useful tool for advertisers who have an audience that is changing its behavior throughout the day and week.
  • Ad-jective Analysis: goes through your account’s search terms and adds up the performance of all queries containing your phrases. So you can compare the performance of possible adjectives to choose the most suitable one for your ad copy.

Cool, huh?

Thanks to AdWords scripts you can easily cut your optimization time in half and spend this time on tasks that you never had time for.

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