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Ad extensions. A simple way to increase the CTR on your Google ads… At least if you use them well.

Let’s talk about using callout extensions well.

These little snippets of text appear under your ads, in addition to the copy you’ve already carefully optimized. You can have up to 6 of them show for each ad!

Yep, six more opportunities to show off!

google ad extensions

These callouts are great for highlighting various aspects of your USP. It gives you a chance to succinctly communicate what your unique offer provides that the others don’t.

And what’s great about them is that you can change or update them without changing the ad itself.

Got a summer sale coming up? Add new callout text without changing your ad (and thus resetting its statistics). Keep your offers up to date without losing data.

You can add them to your entire account, a campaign, or an individual ad group, depending on what you need.

You can even set scheduling and targeting rules for them! You decide who should see them, when.

As the data pours in, and you start to see which callouts lead to increased CTR, you get a great sense of what works and what doesn’t so you can continually optimize your USPs.

SERP real estate is hard to come by. You ought to be making the most of it and tracking each iteration carefully!

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