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I hope that you’re aware of the consequences of having duplicate content on your site. If not, read more about it here.

Long story short: if you want to seriously rank high in Google and win the battle with your competitors, it’s time to find duplicate content on your website. Of course, this is just one of the many ranking factors. But as you might expect from me: a quick win.

So how to find duplicate content easy? Well, with a tool of course! Here’s one of my personal recommendations: SiteLiner

Just put in your URL and let the tool do the rest. It’s not only checking your own website for any duplicate content, it also gives you some other key metrics:

  • Average page size and load time
  • Internal, external and inbound links per page
  • Total links
  • The average number of words per page

Siteliner provides you with a detailed report to help you identify your website problems. And yes, it’s free!
Unless you have to analyze more than 250 pages per month. Then you need the premium version, which is very affordable!

Now, go ahead and try it out here.

How To Check If Your Content Is Copied?

Another way for duplicate content to arise is that other websites copied your content. How can you check that? With a very easy and convenient tool called CopyscapeWorks practically the same as SiteLiner, with only one difference: you’ll have to contain the website owners that copied your content (if any).

Good luck!

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