Are Your USP’s Truly Unique?

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When I ask this question to one of my customers, I always get a solid -YES-. But if we take a deeper dive, they usually aren’t that unique as they thought. Are you offering free shipping? Big deal, most webshops offer this nowadays. 30/60/90 day free returns? Same about that. Price matching? Not unique at all. Get the first month of the subscription for free? Or maybe a free consult? Nah, you can get that everywhere.

Today it’s hard being unique. Especially online. Most likely, your visitors will compare you with your direct competitors. And if those competitors offer the same ‘USP’s’, who gets the deal? In that case, a lot of other factors come into play, but that’s something to write about later. The fact is, using the same USP’s doesn’t make you unique (obviously!). So to stand out, you need to really get back to the drawing board and identify your unique differentiators that others don’t use.

And that’s where the creative mind should be activated; finding that thing that sets you apart from your competitors. Something that really makes the deal flip your way (whatever that may be). So grab a pen and paper (yes, the old-fashioned way!) and start writing. Be creative. But I’m being truly honest with you: this is top-level (product) marketing and even branding. But you don’t have to hire an expensive agency to find out about your USP’s. It can be plain and simple. But it can also be the combination of things you offer. Both free shipping and a lifetime product warranty?

Let me help you a bit:

If you’re running an underwear brand you can brag about quality and price. But what about this one: “Our boxer shorts are so damn beautiful, you won’t shit them. Ever.” 🙂

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