Adding Directions In Google Ads

This one is for those who are running a business on a physical location and who want to drive potential customers to that location. A popular extension on Google search query’s is ‘near me’, giving away a clear intention that people are looking for a certain place to go. If you’re familiar with Google Ads, I don’t have to tell you that you should be using location extensions in your ads.

Simply because if someone wants to get over you, don’t make them go spit through your website to find your address. And why should you? With location extensions, you give your ad a pin on Google Maps, including directions. Just straight from the ad, without having to visit your site. They’ve put in a search query because they need something, which you clearly have or can offer. They only have to come over and get it. With only one click you can have them navigate directly to your business! You’re much more likely to see these visitors than the ones that are still surfing on your site looking for the address.

location extensions

And here are some tips to go the extra mile:

Combine this with the regular call extensions and you leave them no option but to contact you!

And if you’re really smart, you can set a distance radius around your business location and choose a higher bid for people searching for your keywords within that zone. And like call extensions, it’s probably wise to focus primarily on mobile users (they are likely already on the go), and on hours of the day when you’re actually open.

Now all you need to do is make sure you have enough chairs 😉

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