Shiftgator is a one-man-show project by me, Thomas Weston. I’ve been into online marketing from early 2005 when I’ve learned myself some basic HTML and PHP. Back in those days, I was just playing around with one of the first versions of WordPress and trying to rank different websites on Google. Just for fun and hobby. During the years that have gone by, I’ve seen online marketing grow from grey and blackhat tricks to a multi-billion dollar industry.

Same went with my hobby: from a cowboy that was messing around on one of the first ADSL-lines in the Netherlands (that’s gone now), to a dedicated online marketing specialist running multiple successful businesses. Both online and offline.

Since I still have a big love for the hobby part of my business, I felt the urge to share my knowledge. Or better: help other marketeers with small and actionable tips and insights to implement the next minutes. Not to make any money out of it, just for fun!

I hope you enjoy my bite-sized marketing tips and don’t hesitate to use the comment section below my posts.

All the best,


PS. This is me. And I promised to hide the identity of the other one. Which is my nephew. 😉