3 Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rate INSTANTLY

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Yes, you’ve read that right: I have 3 quick ways to increase your conversion rate INSTANTLY! Regular readers already know that I try to help you with small, bite-sized tips to improve your overall online marketing. These 3 tips will help you increase conversion right after you’ve implemented them.

Everybody loves traffic, and even more if it’s targeted traffic. And on a lot of SEO-blogs, it seems that visitors are the only thing that matters. But I think that it’s also very important to take a closer look at your conversion rate. It doesn’t make sense to just focus on visitors when you’re not reaching your online goals.

So let’s assume that you’ve attracted the right, relevant visitor to your page and that your product or service is very clear. In fact, the only thing the visitor should do is convert. This can be purchasing a product, downloading a white paper, or requesting a quote (or whatever your conversion might be). The big question is, how do you make sure that they convert.

To be honest, the list of reasons for customers to convert or not to convert may be endless, but in today’s tips I’ll focus on one specific theme: remove unnecessary distraction.

Distraction is KILLING your conversion rate. Sliders, videos, GIF’s, images, buttons, text can lead to unnecessary distraction of your visitors, preventing them from converting. Remember that we all have a very, very short attention span of below 10 seconds.

So here are my tips to remove unnecessary distraction to increase your conversion rate:

  • Remove all flashy elements.
    • A common mistake is automatic sliders, overflow of images and color.
  • Reduce non-relevant elements for action.
    • A common mistake is navigation visible in the checkout.
  • A large top header takes up a lot of space.
    • A common mistake is, on mobile, using the same size header as on desktop.

As always, if you can, A/B test different variations and measure the results.

Again, these tips seem straight-forward, but can greatly reduce distraction, and increase your conversion rate, and ultimately your revenue.

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